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Different Types of Hoarding Clean Up Services

Hoarding is a psychological problem that makes people collect items obsessively then keep them at home. An individual finds it hard to dispose of something they have acquired. It is a problem that not only affects the hoarder’s family but the entire community around them. Although it has been around for decades, hoarding has been found to pose various mental, physical and emotional risks. Unlike other cleanup services, it requires professional clean up since its cleaning techniques are entirely different. Professional hoarding cleaners can help before, during, and after the process. The task requires someone who is skilled, trained, and understands how to clean in a caring, efficient way. If you wish to get in touch with one of the best companies who offer hoarding cleaning services, then you can check out their website. Below are some of the hoarding cleanup services to consider.

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Recovery of Valuables

Valuable items can get lost inside the piles of junk. It is very common for valuables to be recovered in the course of hoarding cleanup. However, it requires someone who can do it carefully.

Removal of Hazardous Wastes

Wastes such as rodent droppings or birds’ droppings are very hazardous. In fact, bird’s droppings, as well as rodent’s droppings, can kill through a condition called Hantavirus (HPS). The droppings of these organisms can facilitate microbial as well as bacterial growth which can be extremely dangerous to human health.

Repair of the Damaged Structures

broken chairHoarding can cause severe structural damages. When belongings are left to pile up to the ceiling, it creates clutter. The size of hoarded items can affect the integrity of a structure leading to severe damages. Cleanup of such clutter helps to pinpoint areas that need repair. This helps to save the structure as well as the lives of the residents. Such clutter can also cause accidents. Cases such as fire hazards can happen because trash, magazines, newspapers, and clothing can catch fire accidentally leading to severe losses. When the fire breaks out in a cluttered home, it can be difficult to escape due to blocked passageways. Hoarding cleanup, therefore, makes it easy for a damaged structure to be repaired.

Deep Cleaning & Disinfection Services

Hoarding can make it hard for people to sleep, bathe and even eat. Besides, it makes it hard for the homeowners to relax. Deep cleaning is recommended in case the level of hoarding is quite high. Professional hoarding cleaners often do deep cleaning as well as disinfect areas affected by mold, mildew, bacterial and even fungal growth.

Documentation of the Hoarding Cleanup Process

Hoarding cleanup is a tedious task that requires proper planning. It needs someone who can manage the cleaning exercises properly without causing any accidents through falling, slipping, and tripping. Cleaners are often needed to document the entire cleaning process before they can commence the job. Some of the items may be donated to charity while others recycled. Items such as electronics or any dead equipment can be recycled.


When garbage piles up, it tends to invite various disease-causing rodents, insects, and birds. The remains of these organisms can lead to several health hazards. Cleaning up such a mess requires a skilled professional who can document, deep clean a home, repair damaged structures, and clean up any hazardous waste. The above are some of the hoarding cleanup services to consider.