chess set

How to develop your mind with chess

Chess is probably one of the most popular board games in the world. It has been around for centuries and is played by all from young children to adults. It is also a game that is enjoyed for pleasure and also played competitively. In fact, there are world championships for it and it has a governing body too.

The gamechess

Chess is a game that is played on a board that has checkered black and white squares. There are eight rows in total on the board, and each player starts off with 16 pieces. You can even play travel chess on a small board if you are always on the move and can find an opponent to join you.

The pieces

Each piece has a unique power that allows it to move in a certain way. The queen is the most powerful piece, and the one with the lowest power is the pawn. There are eight pawns which are the frontline, but if one of them reaches the eighth row on the opponent’s side, you can promote it to any piece you want including a queen.

The goal

The object of the game is to checkmate the other person’s king. What it means is that you try to trap the king so that any move made by your opponent will cause the loss of his or her king. In case one player does not have enough resources to play and defeat is imminent they can also resign from the game.

How to buy a chess set

chess setDepending on your requirement there are many types of chessboards available on the market. You can buy small boards that are suitable to take with ou if you are traveling and there are large elegant ones that will even look nice as a display item. Some are made of plastic while others are made of wood, metal, and marble.

You can buy one in a store that sells games and toys or online. It is better to buy online because you will have a much better choice of designs and prices. In fact, you will get a better price online because the supplier will not have any overheads of running a store.


Chess is a game of intelligence and strategy. Is is a pastime taken up by many smart people as it helps stimulate the mind and give you a better angle of solving a problem by considering every possible outcome of a move.